Relationships get you there faster.

Want your message to be picked up and shared to millions of people each month? Earned media gets you exposure — and relationships get you there faster.

We are in the business of real relationships.
How we do PR differently

The traditional media agency format is outdated – and journalists, editors, and producers see right through it.

Most agencies send impersonal press releases or bland pitches that are quickly deleted, blacklisted, and ignored.

As a result, publicists come to hoard their precious rolodexes, as it becomes their most important tool of survival.

But at Super Connector Media, we know the strength of the pack is greater than the strength of the lone wolf. When you work with us, you’re getting access to multiple rolodexes in a productive, supportive environment.

And since we care about building real relationships, our pitches are carefully crafted and customized, and our outreach is authentic with long-term relationships as the goal.

We’re here to disrupt the traditional PR model
and leverage big results for our clients along the way.

$3 million in total earned media so far…

I showed up for one of my media interviews and the producer said to me, “By the way, you’ve got a great PR team. We get hundreds of pitches every single day, and they were always respectful, consistent in their follow up and extremely thorough in their pitch. So many people are rude if you don’t respond, but not your team. It’s not surprising you’re getting so much media attention for your book.”

That’s just one of the many reasons Super Connector Media has been such a great win for us…


Cali’flour Foods LOVES Super Connect…

Cali’flour Foods LOVES Super Connect Media! They are truly an amazing partner to have. In addition to being super-connected, they spend time learning your business and giving you the confidence you need to aim for top tier media accounts as well as providing actionable tips on how to nail the appearances!

This team is unique in that they really help you create a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with their connections. Many traditional agencies tend to hold their contacts close …

Amy Lacey

When I’m at UAL, I’m amongst family. Epic things always happen.

Unforeseen truths drop into place. The bizarre landscape of entrepreneurial magic is so clear when we’re all in the room together, as though our collective brilliance is actually interconnected and activated to its greatest potential.

Because the UA family and team is the most genuine and generous group of genius entrepreneurs you’ll ever encounter, you’ve got all the resources, courage and accountability you could ever want to rise to the next level…

Marla Matteson

World’s Leading Relationship Expert for Entrepreneurs
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You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

– Steve Jobs


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