you need to achieve greater visibility, authority, and income

Chris Winfield & Jen Gottlieb of
Super Connector Media™

Invite You to Join A Group Of High-Powered, Like-Minded, Successful Entrepreneurs
who’ll have your back for years to come.

How far could you go with
The Unfair Advantage on your side?

Relationships make everything easier. In fact, the biggest business
breakthroughs rarely happen alone.

You need a community.

Shared best practices

Leapfrog common snags in growing your business by bringing your challenges to a seasoned community and getting advice and insights from those who have been there before.

Referral opportunities

Would being name-dropped by successful entrepreneurs whenever someone’s looking for a coach or service provider benefit your biz? Join a community that gets the power of word-of-mouth and looks to give as much as they receive.


that breaks into the mainstream

No matter what happens in the media, expert commentary is always needed – and that expert should be you! When you secure earned media and PR, you own it for good.

The Unfair Advantage gives you

Better, Faster Growth

Leverage group experience
Tap the brains and brawn of fellow movers and shakers in online entrepreneurship to go further and faster than ever before.
Iterate and scale
Iterate and scale new offerings of your product, program, or service, do more of what works, and leave behind what doesn’t work.
Receive customized guidance
Get precise, hands-on one-to-one coaching every month from the founders of a multi-million dollar company on the exact next step to take in your business.

The Unfair Advantage gives you

The keys to earned media, from an agency disrupting the PR industry

Gain credibility and trusts
Learn how to secure PR placements and endorsements that build your brand, project instant credibility, and leave your audience starstruck.
Build winning relationships
Forge lasting partnerships with key connectors and influencers in your industry. Remember: no one is out of your league.
Amplify your results
Go beyond 15 minutes of fame and Incorporate PR wins back into your marketing machine to ensure lifelong credibility lift for your brand or business.
Cultivate bulletproof positivity
Most entrepreneurs give up after hearing “no”. But a successful publicist hears no dozens of times each week and carries on. Get out of your head and stay in action.

The Unfair Advantage gives you

The Coolest People On The Internet

Escape the snakes and trolls
Online marketing is a drunken saloon of funnel hackers, snake oil peddlers, cryptocurrency amateurs, and proponents of ‘radical candor’ who actually just want an excuse to be hypercritical for no reason.
Protect your energy
You don’t have to snuggle up to energy vampires day in and day out in order to make it in business. Surround yourself with the best and witness your own energy stores gravitate upward.
Create real relationships
Surround yourself with like-minded peers you actually want to get to know. Members are admitted by application only to ensure a quality group experience.

5 Reasons To Join
The Unfair Advantage Now

A goldmine of connections in one place
Leverage the ultimate shortcut (without sacrificing quality) in entrepreneurship: referrals. Our members are gifted service providers and founders who know the best in the biz for whatever you need help with.
PR and marketing strategies that actually work”.
What’s working right now? As a PR agency, we know because we’re on the front lines booking clients each and every day, regardless of economic climate. Tap in to real-time strategies, not antiquated DIY courses that someone recorded years ago.
Live workshops and hot seats from the best in the biz
What would direct one-to-one feedback and insight from a top media expert or entrepreneur be worth over the life of your business? $10,000? $50,000? For some members the tweaks have been worth even more; enjoy unprecedented intimacy with monthly hot seat workshops from the founders of Super Connector Media and quarterly masterclasses from top media personnel.
Amplification strategies to book bigger opps and clients
You scored the media hit… now what? Most business owners ride their 15 minutes of fame, then go back to square one. Not us. Learn how your media hits can wow your audience, secure opportunities with heavy-hitter editors, and allow you to raise your rates.
Inspiration, Accountability, and Purpose
Momentum is key - and everyone here knows it. Tap into a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who get that the strength of the pack is greater than the strength of the lone wolf.

The Unfair Advantage

One year of membership
in The Unfair Advantage
private community
Monthly 90-minute laser coaching calls with co-founder Chris Winfield, hosted on Zoom and syndicated into the group via Facebook live
Monthly 60-minute “Master Your Mindset” calls with co-founder Jen Gottlieb, hosted on Zoom and syndicated into the group via Facebook live
An “Unfair Advantage Rolodex” that lists everyone in our community, their profession, and their website for networking purposes
Live Masterclasses from top experts in the entrepreneurship and media space (we will be announcing March’s guest soon!)
HD recordings of key sessions
from November’s Unfair Advantage Live available for replay and review

A ticket to our next “Unfair Advantage Live” in NYC

Unfair advantage live testimonials

We all have before/after divisions in our lives.

For me, the biggest one is before/after motherhood. Then there’s before/after Sharpie markers. Before/after shellac nail polish. You get the idea.

The newest divider in my life is Unfair Advantage Live.

That’s how life-changing the event I just attended has already become.

Nikki Bruno

Unfair Advantage Live Testimonials

Mind blowing.

I cannot begin to explain the difference I feel. It has really helped me to understand what exactly I need to do, and have the people to lift me up, guide me along the way, and ignite that fire within myself to KNOW that I have a duty in this world I am needed and valued! Thank you, UA family!

I cannot wait to see my life change and my biz take off in the ways I could have never imagined!

Kiele Turrini

Unfair Advantage Live Testimonials

I was expecting very good things. You blew my high expectations out of the water.

It’s like a master’s degree in press and PR and media-getting. But so much more than that. So proud to have played a small part in the party. Your vibe attracts your tribe and your vibe and tribe are INSANE.

Matthew Kimberley

Unfair Advantage Live Testimonials

When I’m at UAL, I’m amongst family. Epic things always happen.

Unforeseen truths drop into place. The bizarre landscape of entrepreneurial magic is so clear when we’re all in the room together, as though our collective brilliance is actually interconnected and activated to its greatest potential. Because the UA family and team is the most genuine and generous group of genius entrepreneurs you’ll ever encounter, you’ve got all the resources, courage and accountability you could ever want to rise to the next level of service and action. These events always segue to unimaginably epic connections, friendships and giant leaps into possibility realized!!

Thank you Chris Winfield, Jen Gottlieb and the whole team (and everyone who said yes to showing up) for making this magic happen.

Sarah Nannen