Super Connector Media

is the world’s finest done-for-you public relations agency for expert
businesses, venture-backed startups, and small businesses.

It's PR, Done Differently:

Clients have on-demand, shared ownership of a team of media professionals
Get access to multiple rolodexes in a productive, supportive environment
Our Publicists are graded on the strength of your long term relationship with us, so your happiness and success is our metric
Custom-crafted pitches (no reused junk from old clients)
The legit “star power” of our owners mean a continuous flow of new, highly sought after media connections and opportunities
We are ENTIRELY FOCUSED on expert businesses, small businesses, and venture-backed startups so we know how to get exposure for your BIG IDEA


If you want to promote your book, get your big idea out there, land guest spots on podcasts, influential blogs, media appearances, speaking engagements, and more, contact our team to discuss our done-for-you PR services!


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High Performance Coach and Best Selling Author

+ $3 Million in earned media

+ Appearances on PBS, CBS Sports, The Today Show, The Social (#1 daytime talk show in Canada), Fox, CTV, CBC, and Family Circle Magazine

Who Super Connector Media is:

Super Connector Media is a NYC-based media company focused on building quality relationships through live events, public relations services, and peak performance, led by Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield.

Challenges You Experience:

  • You see an industry competitor on the news, in magazines, or online, and wonder: “Why them and not me?” (Especially when they’re less qualified or established than you are.)
  • You’ve attempted to break into media before, only to be met with ignored emails and more question marks over your head than ever.
  • You’ve previously worked with a publicist or agency, and found that the company maintained a black box approach, did not share contacts or progress, and left you skeptical about media ROI and the industry in general.
  • Your advertising strategy has reached fatigue, costs are rising, and you know what you’re doing now won’t always be sustainable. You want your marketing dollars to have maximum longevity for your brand, not vanish faster than an Instagram ad.
  • Your creative bandwidth needs to be spent building your business, not watching the news cycle every day and determining how your company can insert itself into the conversation. You want an intelligent, mindful team to do that on your behalf.

A High-Level Overview Of What We Do:

  • We customize your approach based on business goals rather than offer a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • We leverage all staff rolodexes and encourage a pack mentality. Most PR agencies have a dog-eat-dog mentality and big-box agency publicists hoard their best producer and editor contacts. But at Super Connector Media, we know the strength of the pack is greater than the strength of the lone wolf; when you work with us, you get the pack.
  • We touch base with you via one-to-one calls to know what’s going on with your business and adjust our strategy in real time.
  • We actively curate new relationships to serve our clients and also make our events fresh and current.
  • We seed, garner and amplify media results NOW. We track where consumers invest their attention and the platforms they spend time on, and incorporate your media mentions into those accolades for maximum exposure.

What some of our clients are saying...

  “Don’t let anyone try to underestimate PR! We’ve connected with other thought leaders in the space and we’re generating leads from our publicity. DDI received 5 leads nationally that were directly as a result of PR efforts, just in Q1. The potential value of the contracts is worth $400K.”
Amy Lacey, President at Cali’flour Foods

The investment is worth every penny! the support I received from the Super Connector Media to land me into major publications, podcasts, broadcast TV and radio is like no other. And it just keeps getting better!”

David Neagle, President at Life is Now, Inc and Master Income Acceleration Mentor

I can’t sing their praises enough. It’s not just that they’ve done a great job with the media coverage… they are also just REALLY good people that I genuinely look forward to seeing each week on our calls!”


Tonya Dalton, Founder and CEO at inkWELL Press