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PR done like no other!
Every part of my experience with Super Connector Media has been AMAZING! The entire team are so incredible at what they do and really care about their clients. Their positiveness, expertise, and guidance knows no bounds. I have absolutely exploded with every possible type of media opportunity- broadcast, print, radio, etc. I did my homework before I hired Super Connector Media and couldn’t be happier with the team and all the media opportunities they have secured for me to help spread my message and build my business.
Roseann Capanna-Hodge
Above and Beyond…and then Beyond even more…
Our experience working with Super Connector Media has been 100% exceptional. On top of the MANY MANY media placements we’ve received, I think the most valuable aspect of SCM is the quality of team of people who are working with us to help spread our message. They care, they go above and beyond in every way, they communicate clearly and directly, they are always thinking about new ideas and outlets, and I NEVER have to ask for updates…they beat me to it. Working with SCM is worth every penny. I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough.
Steph Tuss, CEO for David Neagle
What’s better than having a TOP NOTCH…
What’s better than having a TOP NOTCH person working on your behalf 24/7? That’s what working with Super Connector Media is like. It’s like having that employee you always wished you had. Someone who understood your message, knew how to pitch your idea to the media and then secures that media for you. Yeah, that’s what it’s like working with Super Connector!
Christine Egan
$3 million in total earned media so far…

I showed up for one of my media interviews and the producer said to me, “By the way, you’ve got a great PR team. We get hundreds of pitches every single day, and they were always respectful, consistent in their follow up and extremely thorough in their pitch. So many people are rude if you don’t respond, but not your team. It’s not surprising you’re getting so much media attention for your book.”

That’s just one of the many reasons Super Connector Media has been such a great win for us.
In 2019 I had a major book release, The Alter Ego Effect, and I actually had 3 PR teams working with us to cover every contact possible. Two of those teams got us nothing. SCM, got myself and the book on PBS, CBS Sports, The Today Show, The Social (#1 daytime talk show in Canada), Fox, CTV, CBC, Family Circle Magazine and the list goes on… in total, the ‘earned media’ calculates out to over $3 million.

The assembled team has been one of the best outside services team I’ve ever worked with.

Todd Herman

Excellent Experience and Results
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Super Connector Media for over a year now, and can’t say enough about what a positive experience it’s been. As a professional who was hesitant to move into the world of broadcast media, the Super Connector has team has given me the training and support I needed to more confidently get myself out there. They’ve helped me obtain features in major online and print publications, multiple TV outlets, radio, and more; all of which has resulted in more clients for my clinic and greater reach for my personal brand. The caliber of people on this team is simply unmatched in terms of the integrity they exhibit, and the level of care and attention to making sure client needs are met. I’m thrilled with the results and look forward to continued work with them!
Dr. Nicole Beurkens
SCM = Quantifiable Results

I’ll make this simple. I began working with Super Connector Media in May of 2019, and by July of 2019 I had implemented things under their guidance that had earned me back more than what it cost me to engage them for an entire year. So all of the additional things that have happened since then are gravy. I love these guys for so many reasons, not the least of which is that they show up wholly and completely in their integrity. And that’s why they get the results that they do for their clients – they do PR differently.

Neil Gordon

Experience UAL Magic

There aren’t enough STARS!
There aren’t enough STARS! It’s been just shy of 3 months since I became a client of Super Connector Media. In that short window of time I have been on podcasts, television and featured several times in print amounting to over 15 media hits….What!?! I have the most unbelievable, heart centered, person focused expert team who truly work at the highest level. I remember hesitating making the decision to hire a PR Firm and now looking back it was one of the best career decisions to date. So thankful for my team who truly are like family. They are truly the BEST in the biz!
Jayne Wasyliw
Cali’flour Foods LOVES Super Connect…
Cali’flour Foods LOVES Super Connect Media! They are truly an amazing partner to have. In addition to being super-connected, they spend time learning your business and giving you the confidence you need to aim for top tier media accounts as well as providing actionable tips on how to nail the appearances! This team is unique in that they really help you create a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with their connections. Many traditional agencies tend to hold their contacts close to them. This can make it very difficult to build a true alliance which makes a huge difference over time. My brand is all about forging relationships so this has been a game-changer for me!

Amy Lacey

Super Connector Media has Helped Supercharge My Media Presence!

Super Connector Media has helped supercharge my media presence in just a few short months. From initial strategy sessions to weekly updates this team does a great job of communicating and working with me to find the best opportunities.

I was wary in the beginning if there would be enough contact and that concern was quickly alleviated. I’m so glad I decided to work with them!!

Kristen David


Working with Super Connector Media is an unbelievable experience. They’re all truly invested in your successes, every step of the way. It’s a major “win” if you have the opportunity to work with this team!!

Maggie Berghoff